May 11, 2019

Mother's Day Remembrance

This is the first Mother’s Day I will face without my mom. It will be different to say the least.

For those of you who knew my mom, you know that she was a prayer warrior and a peace maker. Though she struggled tremendously with her health in her latter years, she VERY RARELY ever complained. She suffered in silence for the most part, because she wanted to stand in faith believing for her healing and didn’t want others to hurt knowing she was hurting.

She was in the hospital last Mother’s Day and past away about 3 weeks later (due in part to Cirrhosis of the Liver). And as Mother’s Day approached this year, I found myself thinking, ‘How in the world did she endure all of that suffering? How in the world did she find the faith and hope to continue, when so many ailments seemed to plague her physical body?’ Well, if ever there was an example of someone looking to Jesus instead of focusing on themselves or their problems, it was CERTAINLY my mama. She found hope in Jesus and her DAILY belief in the verse she quoted every day to help keep her from depression and keep that faith and hope alive.

Psalm 118:24 - This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Yep, that’s it. That’s what it was all about for mom. Her motto to live by. Her confession of hope. And if you spent any length of time around her, you would hear her quote it and sometimes sing it.

You know, TRUE JOY IS NEVER DEPENDENT ON OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. And though we may know this in our head, it might be hard to walk out every day. Learning to choose joy in hard times takes effort and action on our part; it requires our hearts to be set on Jesus. God is faithful to help us, so that we can choose well. And we can be assured that in His grace, He has made every day, and for that gift itself we can ‘rejoice and be glad in it.’ No matter what we face, we can still believe in God’s goodness and love, for that’s what carries us through the most difficult of seasons.

We might be facing the toughest of times right now, but the truth is this, Jesus has STILL given us breath for today. He came to give us hope and freedom. He’s the very reason we can live with joy right in the midst of battles and have peace that is unexplainable to the world. He’s with us and will never leave us or  fail us. His love covers us. He gives us the strength to face every trial and obstacle with courage and grace. We can rest in the security that He brings. No matter what you’re up against, be confident in God’s unchanging love for you, ALWAYS.

To the best godly example on this earth I ever had, to the one who taught me how to NEVER GIVE UP, to the one who CONTINUALLY encouraged me to keep going despite all the illnesses that come against me (even though she always said it was the other way around, 'if you can do it, so can I'), to the BEST. MOM. EVER.

Father, I pray that You surround Your children this Mother's Day with Your love. You are the best Father/Mother that anyone could ever have. Thank You that even if our father and mother abandons us, You will take us up and adopt us as Your own (Psalm 27:10). Help all to have a good day, though some are consumed with grief. May all find joy in Your presence (Psalm 16). May everyone get along. GIve grace to all the hard-working mothers out there. Bless them for their faithfulness. May we all have PEACE LIKE A RIVER. In Jesus' name, amen 🙏

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If you are in crisis and need someone to talk to, text the Crisis Text Line by texting 'Go' to 741741 - anytime 24/7 or go to their website at

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