Jul 25, 2014

God's Will is Your Healing

He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Healing was provided through Jesus' redemptive work at the Cross. It is by His stripes that we were healed. Your healing has already been bought and paid for in Christ.

Jesus is our Healer. You are healed in Christ. When sickness tries to attack, begin to praise God and thank Him that healing belongs to you. Keep your praise on, regardless of setbacks or the length of time you've been waiting for your healing to be made manifest in the natural. God's STILL got you. Watch God's power begin to work in your body to drive out every trace of sickness. 

Write down some healing confessions based on your circumstances. Write down any words the Lord speaks to you concerning your circumstances. Write down any scriptures the Lord gives you concerning your circumstances. Keep them ever before you. Read them aloud every chance you get. Believe what you read. Believe God today and receive His healing provision for your life.

Father, we need Your healing touch. Desperately. May Your Blood run through our veins, warding off all sickness, disease, infirmity, pain and all symptoms thereof. Fill our bodies with Your mighty healing power. Help us to have peace and hope while we wait for You to show up on our behalf. Help us to not feel that we've failed You or done something wrong when we don't see immediate results. Help us to know how to take care of our bodies, including what to eat and drink and what not to. We will not die, but live, and declare the wondrous works of the Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.