May 3, 2010

He Heals Us ... Anyway!

Isaiah 57:18,19 (NLT) - I have seen what they do, but I will heal them anyway! I will lead them and comfort those who mourn.Then words of praise will be on their lips. May they have peace, both near and far, for I will heal them all, says the Lord.
For those of us who think we deserve where we're at or what we're experiencing because of what we've done ... we need to take the above scriptures to heart and receive them personally for ourself.

It's the Lord speaking in these scriptures, and He wants us to know that He hasn't forgotten us or left us to wallow in the mess we've made for ourself.

Instead of saying 'you made your bed, so lie in it', our unfailing, merciful, loving Father wants us to know that because we're His, He's going to rescue us out of that in which we've gotten ourselves in to, and He's going to heal us and give us peace ... anyway ... even though we may have put our on selves in the position we're

A good friend of mine wrestled with guilt for years because she married a man that she knew the Lord was telling her not to. She suffered years of torment and abuse at that mans hand that could have been avoided if only she had obeyed the voice of the Lord.

Thank God, just like these scriptures say, even though she disobeyed and got herself into the situation that she was in, the Lord had mercy and compassion on her ... and got her out. He's since brought her much needed healing and peace. Now she's free ... and the words of praise are on her lips.

We serve a loving and compassionate God, and when we submit ourselves to Him, He restores us, bringing healing into our lives. He’s gonna take that bad situation, turn it around, and use it for good.

In verse 20 of the same chapter, it says that for those who choose to still reject the Lord, they'll be like the restless sea, and they will have no peace.

I received this word from the Lord on Sunday, and I shared it with the friend mentioned above just before we went into the prison in Dayton to do the chapel service. The Lord led her to share this with the inmates and I believe that they can identify with this because so many beat theirselves up and live with guilt and believe that they deserve the punishment of being in prison for what they did to get there ... maybe according to the law, but God STILL forgives and restores - regardless.

Our sweet, Heavenly Father's gonna love us out.

It's time we forgive ourselves, let it go and move forward from here.

Prayer: We humble ourselves before You this day, Lord. Thank You so much, my Almighty Father, for loving us out and for taking the Holy Ghost broom to clean up our messes and to right the wrong decisions we've made in life. Thank You for healing us despite ourselves and giving us peace. Help us choose to forgive ourselves and move on. Amen.