Jul 14, 2015

I Pray, Lord

I PRAY LORD, for those being abused. Give them a way out and help them to take it. Heal them. Give them peace.
I PRAY LORD, that You touch every broken heart and mend them. Emotional healing for all in need.
I PRAY LORD, for all who are at a crossroad, for all who need help making decisions. No confusion. Give them wisdom, show them the way.
I PRAY LORD, for all who are sick/in pain and in need of healing. Touch their bodies with Your presence. Take away the pain. Bring healing and wholeness.
I PRAY LORD, for all who feel like giving up/depressed. Lift their weary heads. Give hope, encouragement and refreshment.
I PRAY LORD, that You be ever near us. We aren't perfect, but we love You. Come get us soon, and help us all to be ready.
I THANK YOU LORD, that You hear us and answer us ... in Your time and in Your way.
To God be ALL the glory!