Jun 30, 2012

Got Panic Attacks?

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Jn 14:16

Isn't it time to FULLY surrender? Letting go of the control brings TRUE freedom.

Heard it may not just be fear or stress that causes panic attacks, sometimes it can be not wanting to let go of something God's asking us to give up.

Let go of the control, don't be afraid to submit your ALL to Jesus - He's not going to hurt you or let you down - He CAN be trusted.

Fear used to come against me so strong that it would literally consume me.  The fear in part came as panic attacks. There were times that I literally thought I would die from not being able to breathe. I would feel fear crawling on my skin and sometimes it would make me shake. I have Tachycardia and one day my heart doctor put a heart monitor on me (for 2 days) and it registered other heart issues besides Tachycardia, but the doctor couldn't identify what it was that was wrong. I later discovered that what it was really registering was panic attacks.

I told the Lord, ‘I'm rebuking the fear and panic and telling it to go. I know I have authority, how come it's still here paralyzing me?’ The Lord gave me such a simple answer, 'You're telling the fear to go, but you're NOT BELIEVING it's gone when you command it to. BELIEVE!' So, when fear or panic attacks would come against me, I started telling it to go, believed it had to leave and was gone, and ignored it till it left. Every time the panic attacks would come and the enemy would try to scare me, I’d tell the enemy, fear, and panic attacks to go and would tell the enemy that he was a liar, that I didn’t have severe heart problems and wasn’t going to have a heart attack. I stood in faith, believing. It took awhile and it hurt going through the process, but thank God I’m delivered of panic attacks completely ... it’s probably been like 12 years since I’ve had one, praise God.

I sought the Lord, and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm  34:4

Food for thought: LET NOT your heart be troubled (John 14:6) - implies that we play a part in whether our heart is troubled or not.

Be careful if doctors have you on something like Xanax, it can slow your heart rate and relax you too much when you're trying to sleep ... or antidepressants, they just make you not care about anything but don't fix anything. They don't care to get to the root, they just want us drugged out. There's a place for medications, but in moderation and as the Lord gives peace and a leading to.

The best cure I've found is reading the Psalms as often as I can or writing down a bunch of peace scriptures and reading them ALL THE TIME and especially refering to them when having the most trouble. If you're not able to hold or motivate to read God's Word, you can download a Bible application to your phone (like YouVersion) or use one on the computer (like BibleGateway). You can read on your phone, on the computer, or have the programs read the Word to you.

I actually made a CD of scriptures IN MY VOICE (because we trust our own voice) and play it all night when I sleep (because our subconscious hears it) when I'm having trouble.

It’s time to confront some things. Confront fears, confront people, confront issues in our life that we haven't submitted to the Lord yet (like our schedule, our will, our desires, our way of thinking, the people that we worry about, our finances, our relationships, etc.).

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus I pray peace, Your perfect peace that passes understanding, to wash over us. You ARE our peace, Lord Jesus. Comfort us with Your love and Your presence that helps to cast out all fear. Help us to submit to You, for that's when the enemy will flee. Help us to surrender our all to You and confront issues that need to be confronted, so that we may find healing and draw closer to You. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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